We specialize in cultural management. We have the right team to deal with any kind of project, at different development levels, and succesfully complete them. This ability comes from the multidisciplinary team that is part of FeedBack Cultural. They put their knowledge to serve the public institutions and private companies who want to support culture as an economic engine.
In this context we apply this knowledge to develop projects. You can check the results on the following link.


We offer the equipment and the necessary technical staff to audiodescript and/or subtitle movies, television series, events, artwork and public or private spaces.
This service is guaranteed by our translators and audiodescriptors experience, as well as their language skills in Valencian (for audio descriptions in Valencian and Spanish) and other languages that the client may require.
However, technology is not the only aspect we care about. The experience and quality in our service allows us to advise on the content if required.


We study accessibility by implementing physical solutions as well as content solutions.
We advise on the adaptation of physical spaces and their accessibility, and we also lay out other questions to take into consideration. We create tours and adapted exhibitions, mainly for the blind and the visually impaired, directly associated with cultural spaces.


A service addressed to companies and institutions interested in participating in social and cultural projects.
We help companies get started in the cultural sector with both public and private projects. We apply the strategies that led to the best results in other projects adapting them to the particular needs of every new project without losing sight of the goal set by the client.
Furthermore, we bear in mind one of our clients’ requirements indispensable while starting a cultural project: the amortization of this project. This is why we pay special attention to the economic viability.