Accessible Culture

It is a project with a social character and content. It seeks to bring culture to the blind and visually impaired people as well as to the general audience. To that end, we create accessible content for museums and galleries and also artwork and espaces audiodescriptions.

In order to spread those contents we have developed the Cultura Accesible application. It is a free app for the user. This app works like an audio guide, it collects and manages the exhibitions of the different museums and galleries that are part of the project.

So, we break two barriers: the first is the accessibility one, by creating unique and customized contents intended for the blind and visually impaired people at risk of exclusion. The second, the economic one, by creating a free audio guide service that combines a lot of cultural events in the same application.

Thanks to this project we have been awarded by the Valencia City Council with one of the Social Innovation and Development grants that the City Council offers. One of the aspects taken into consideration to evaluate the award has been the methodology used in our work teams, formed by art specialists, audiodescriptors and a blind person, as the application target audience, who certifies that the audiodescription is correct and that it has an appropriate language.

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